A Thought On How Servers Are Treated

It’s 4 am and I’m on a bumpy Greyhound ride home to visit my family, and I can’t get this off of my mind.

I work as a server and bartender in Ottawa, and I am very fortunate to not face difficult customers daily, but when I do, it irks me a lot.

Today I came into work, and due to the amazing weather, our patios were full. I jumped on the floor immediately so I could relieve the bartender who had been working all day, so I may have been a little disoriented to start, but I never let that affect my service or my mood when I’m with my tables. That’s why I cannot understand why people feel the need to give such unsolicited attitude.

The one table that put a damper on my night- they weren’t that bad. It was just their attitude towards me. They talked to me like I was an idiot. When people talk down to me, I get really frustrated inside, but in this industry, we are taught to be somewhat of a punching bag. The customer is always right. Well how should we act when the customer isn’t right? Am I supposed to smile and thank them, when all I want to do is tell them to get lost and learn how to treat people with respect? I’m not the kind of person to fuss over a bad tip, I usually take it as a time to reflect on how I could improve my service. But I do get really upset when I’m treated like “just a server”. I’m not just a server.



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