Writer’s Block..

I have a vision, a vague idea of a story I want to write, a story that may soon be a reality, but I can’t seem to get it on paper. It’s soft Sci-Fi, set about 50 years in the future, focusing on the development of social media and our obsession with it. How lives are lived solely for bragging rights on social media forums. The things we do in our lives are done to create a buzz, to gain attention, not to find true happiness or satisfaction. Our lives become electronic; real life falls second to your online presence. We are controlled by what we want others to think of us.

But I don’t know where to begin…


12 thoughts on “Writer’s Block..

  1. I will be the first of many to read your novel Nicole. You are amazing inside and out. Please let your mind fee so you finish this!!


      1. That’s what most writers struggle doing. This is what the blogosphere is all about – supporting and helping others. 😊

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      2. I’m amazed and humbled by the amazing writers I’ve been able to connect with on this forum. Supportive and effortlessly talented fellow writers. It really encourages me to push through my writer’s block and just go for it.

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      3. I agree – I have only been on here for only 4 months and have a solid following. I didn’t expect it. Think big. I have 2 short books that are published and getting reviews that are helpful. Hang in there 😊

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      4. You will. There are lots of ways to do it – depends on how you want to do it. That’s the question. Thank you. 😊

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