The Reality of Dreaming

I was sitting on the couch by your side when the ground began shaking. A surge of panic rushed through me as I jumped to my feet, and when I turned to look your way, you were gone. The ground began rumbling again, only this time louder and more intense.

As I studied my surroundings I realized they were foreign to me. This isn’t my home, where am I?! The details of the apartment were minimal, defined only by its stark white walls and concrete floors. It was cold and unwelcoming and we needed to get out of here. Suddenly a loud CCCRAACK ripped through the walls of our faux-home, and I began screaming your name.

Except whenever I tried screaming your name, nothing came out.

I ran through the hole-in-the-wall to find myself in the middle of downtown Vancouver. I knew it to be Vancouver but I was lost amidst the chaos of people. I didn’t understand what was going on but one thing was evident: they were all running in the same direction. When I turned to look behind me, large groups of tornadoes were obliterating everything in their paths. The city around me is being ripped apart and I just need to find you.

I see you in the distance but you’re walking away from me. I began shoving everyone to the side as I ran towards you, and that’s when I noticed Marley’s tail wagging next to you. I need to just reach you both, I need to feel safe again. Our world is crumbling around us and I’m not even with you. Please just turn around and hold me until it’s over. I collapse to the ground and squeeze my eyes shut until it all ends. I can’t bear the weight of this alone.

When I opened my eyes I found myself in my bed in a cold sweat. The tornadoes were gone but the loneliness lingered. My head ached from clenching my jaw and my heart hurt as though I had just lost everything.

Whether or not you believe in analyzing dreams, I believe dreams of this magnitude don’t simply occur without cause.

It’s not the tornadoes themselves that I fear, it’s what they materialized out of.

Inner anguish, stress, confusion?

Why was it tearing apart my life so rapidly and leaving me alone to endure its wrath?

I take it as a subconscious cry for help.

The next day, I faced my inner demons. No longer will I endure pain of that magnitude, both in my dreams and reality.


Inspired by The Daily Post’s daily word prompt, Dream. 

Feature image of Vancouver at night by my talented partner, TrHippie









24 thoughts on “The Reality of Dreaming

  1. Wow! That is one intense piece of writing. I love the strength of the piece – the chaos, the confusion, the pain and the realization – very well articulated. Thanks also for showing me a different interpretation of the prompt. 🙂

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  2. amazing take on the prompt Nicole! my heart went racing especially when i saw Marley’s name and hope he will always be safe. dreams are a way your thoughts try to process themselves when you are not consciously thinking of something else, at least in my opinion. I have weird dreams and then realise its a problem i have been chewing on with no solution in sight because i was too distracted by too many things happening around me. the dream helped me think clearly. if this makes any sense. But i really wanted to say, lovely work here and i am so proud of you taking up the prompt!

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    1. Thanks so much for reading :)! I completely agree with your interpretation of dreams. This only happened Friday night yet I knew when I woke up what was causing it. I used to have frequent dreams caused by (I think) suppressing my emotions. I’m trying not to do that anymore. And thanks for your concern over Marley, I’d never want to lose my fur baby. ❤

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  3. incredible!!
    this piece is mature and shows a great amount of wisdom..dreams are a door by which you can know yourselves better..we all generally forget ourselves among people, our insecurities and fear hides our true character..but dreams gives us a chance to explore ourselves..they may be bad or good, but they are significant..
    thanks for sharing.

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  4. I do believe in paying attention to dreams, especially as a writer. Since I am the architect of my own dreams, they come from me, then it only makes sense that I must be trying to tell myself something. I need to pay attention to me. I might end up telling myself something I can use in a story or a blog.


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