I’ve reluctantly succumb to using an eReader due to ease and practicality. I’m an avid book collector, but when you’re hopping from one province to the next, it’s not exactly convenient to pack boxes upon boxes of books. As much as I love the weight, texture, smell and very act of reading an actual book, my eReader holds thousands of stories and perfectly suits my current lifestyle.

I’m saddened by the sight of eyes looking down towards phones that are smarter than us. Remember the days when people looked forwards when walking somewhere? Or sitting on the bus- left to your own thoughts while waiting to arrive at your destination? Maybe, if you were prepared, you packed a book or newspaper to pass the time? Last week I watched a busy looking businessman walk straight into a pole while looking at his phone. I laughed, but I’m not innocent. I’ve blindly walked for blocks staring down into the abyss of cyberspace without so much as a glance upwards.

Even writing- I used to prefer putting pen to paper over fingers to keyboard. Lately when I feel inspired I flip open my laptop>open Google Chrome> type in>click the “create a new post” button. I used to grab the closest piece of paper and writing tool available and frantically write to keep up with my racing thoughts. Now I type faster than I can handwrite.

While these advances make my life easier, they don’t necessarily make it better. Often I feel as though my phone is a burden, simply providing me with information overload. I miss the therapeutic release of writing things on paper.

When I’m exhausted of the digital, I resort once more to analog. I leave my phone and eReader behind, grab a pen and notebook and descend into nature. Rather than getting lost in my news feed I lose myself in the serenity of the trees and mountains. When my mind quiets is when words flow from pen to paper with effortless ease. To simply be without your phone is like a mini vacation. Though it may feel stressful at first, as though you’re cut off from your connection to the outside world, take a moment to be present with your surroundings. No status updates, Instagram posts, celebrity gossip, tragic news reports, vlogs, tweets. It’s just you. When your mind isn’t busy with the lives of others, you will truly find your art, and your self.

Inspired by the Daily Post’s weekly Discover Challenge prompt, Analog.


13 thoughts on “Analog

  1. Ah I love this! Getting out and writing in a note book up hidden away in a tree is one of the best feelings a writer can ever experience. I find it gives me inspiration to write as well, especially because the fantasy I write is deeply inspired by our world. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  2. Fantastic post and your thoughts completely mirror mine! It is indeed sad that people spend more time with their phones than they do with people around them. It’s sad how were write with swipes these days and rely on autocorrect for the right spelling. It’s sad that the ‘likes’ on Facebook and Instagram govern our moods and boost our excitement about a recent picnic or some tour or a camp or a good meal! And above all it’s silly! I consciously made a decision to not be on social media, I don’t have a kindle so I force myself to buy books (however keeping my pending shift to another country in mind I might have to get a kindle!) and I still maintain a diary so I keep my pen in contact with that paper… These are small steps to remain who I am and resist the change that is sweeping away this society! 🙂

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    1. You have such a wonderful mind and spirit! It’s so admirable that you stay away from social media. There was a period of time where I disconnected from social media- but my move across the country brought me back to Facebook to stay connected with my parents. I do miss simpler times before our lives became so public. You’re an inspiration maintaining a balance between it all. I do recommend a Kindle or Kobo if you plan on moving, that way you can take 1000’s of stories with you anywhere you go 🙂 and the charge lasts months on them! They are wonderful devices.

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