Other Half

I know I don’t say these words enough, but know that they are so;

I love you and will love you until my heart beats no more.

How can I know that I love you so when I’m barely 25 and you’re two years my junior?

Well, beautiful soul, this is how I know:

I carried half of you inside my belly, and although the timing wasn’t right, the feeling was.

You’re the man of my dreams and my partner in crime. You stood by my side as my only support system when I felt as though I lost half of myself. I will forever love you for how you care for me even in my darkest times.








6 thoughts on “Other Half

  1. Love is not just for momentarily it’s internal and it’s pure without love this entire humanity would have collapsed. we should see every one is ready to eat up the other.

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    1. Thank you for thinking of me, I too have missed our chats. Life has been beautifully busy lately, but in 2017 I hope to incorporate more blogging time!

      Thank you for thinking of Marley, as well. I gave him an extra squeeze for you 😊 Happy New Year to you and your family.

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