National Poetry Month: Howls of Pain

Marley doodle
Marley, captured by Jon (Trhippie on WordPress)


The following is a short poem-type-thing I wrote in the middle of the night as we waited in an emergency pet hospital. Marley had been neutered a few days earlier, and something was terribly wrong. His sutures were incredibly red and swollen, he was feverish and in a terrible amount of pain. There was only one Veterinarian on site. We were made to wait for hours while our poor baby suffered. Marley and another dog howled back and forth, clearly both in tremendous pain. It was an awful, gut-wrenching time. The only thing I could do to calm my nerves was write, and this is what I scribbled down. I’m happy to say that Marley is a happy and healthy dog now!

Howls of Pain

Their painful cries fill the waiting room with sorrow,

Listening intently to each other’s whines, howling in sync like a melancholic song.

Their eyes jolting around the room but meeting so often in pain.

It’s as though they were empathetic of each other’s suffering,

consoling and understanding.

There was beauty in this pain, one that made us all hurt,

but also connected us with the dogs more than ever.

Their unified pain was an understanding of one another.

If that isn’t true emotion I don’t know what is.

Let me know if there is any interest, maybe I will share the entire story behind this.

Happy reading everyone 🙂


National Poetry Month: Spring in Ottawa

The following is a poem I wrote candidly whilst living in Ottawa. It was a beautiful spring day, much like today, and I was feeling inspired. Poetry isn’t my strong suit, but in honour of National Poetry Month, I thought I would share. Enjoy 🙂

(Ottawa, ON- Spring, 2015) Brownish puddles glisten in the warming sun,

Softly wrinkling as the wind glazes over them.

Patches of blackened snow growing sparse as the days grow warm.

A renewal of hope returns to the faces of the veterans of hellish winters,

discovering once more that these harsh seasons do come to an end.

As all things do.

Life is the stuff of repetition and renewal.

When one thing dies something new is born.

The sky a little bluer, the grass yellowed from over-saturation.

Spring is reborn once more.