National Poetry Month: Spring in Ottawa

The following is a poem I wrote candidly whilst living in Ottawa. It was a beautiful spring day, much like today, and I was feeling inspired. Poetry isn’t my strong suit, but in honour of National Poetry Month, I thought I would share. Enjoy đŸ™‚

(Ottawa, ON- Spring, 2015) Brownish puddles glisten in the warming sun,

Softly wrinkling as the wind glazes over them.

Patches of blackened snow growing sparse as the days grow warm.

A renewal of hope returns to the faces of the veterans of hellish winters,

discovering once more that these harsh seasons do come to an end.

As all things do.

Life is the stuff of repetition and renewal.

When one thing dies something new is born.

The sky a little bluer, the grass yellowed from over-saturation.

Spring is reborn once more.