My Raison D’être

Inspired by The Daily Post’s Discover Challenge Prompt: Raison D’être

When the other kids teased me for my puffy hair, acne-riddled face and boyish physique, You were there.

When he left us for his “old high school girlfriend,” You were there.

When he came back pleading for forgiveness, You were there.

When my teachers told me to pursue something more profitable than writing, You were there.

When we first moved to that small town far away from home and I had no new friends and felt as though I had lost all my old ones too, You were there.

When I spent my first night of university too crippled by social anxiety to leave the comfort of my dorm room, You were there.

When my heart smashed into so many pieces that I didn’t know if it would piece back together again, You were there.

When I finally found myself, and for the first time, loved myself, You were there.

When I had to suffer the greatest loss I’ve ever experienced, You were there.

I’ve given up on You from time to time and I’m sorry for ever doubting you. You’ve been there for me when I had no one and nothing. When my heart was bleeding You allowed me to spill onto your pages. When no one could hold my hand, I held a pen. I’ve taken out my anger on You, jamming the pen into the notepad as hard as I can when I’ve felt I’m at my wits end. I’ve shared more emotions with You than anyone else on this planet.

Writing, You are my raison d’être.