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My name is Nicole and this blog is my outlet. If I had to categorize my content, I suppose I would use the word Lifestyle. I dabble in, but am not confined to travel, philosophy, creative and journal-style writing.

I’m a 24 year old girl who recently embarked on a journey across Canada. Currently residing in Vancouver, BC, but always dreaming of the next adventure. I plan to share my travel aspirations and experiences with you, my fellow bloggers and readers.

I’ve always lived in deep contemplation, listening and observing first and speaking second. It’s never been enough to know that it is, I’m always seeking to understand why. I dream of writing for a living, dedicating as much time as I can to the pursuit of understanding why.

Thank you for joining me on my journey to the self. I hope within my words you find inspiration, or at the very least, find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone.








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      1. I love Dwight and the development of his character. On second thought though, Michael Scott is so unique and a hilariously terrible person but loveable all at the same time. I choose Michael. Who is yours?


      2. I’d say you could do it in a week. If you are around for longer I’d deeply suggest visiting Quebec City as well if you haven’t already. The cobblestone roads and old architecture gives it an old European vibe. It’s simply unforgettable!


    1. I think we are meant to be friends. One of my most worn shirts says Spiritual Gangster! We are province neighbours! I’m jealous of your proximity to Banff. Best place I’ve been to in my life thus far.


      1. Yah it’s way too expensive here. I can see it dragging the people down who have been trying to stay afloat their whole lives in Vancouver. It won’t be my permanent residence for those reason, but I’m definitely enjoying it for the moment 🙂


      2. Im not entirely sure to be honest. It all depends on what happens with my writing. If i could make any money doing it I’d leave in a heartbeat just travel the world, my home base would then be in Ontario where I grew up. I think we will be going to Thailand for our next big trip. For the time being, we will spend the summer camping in Beautiful British Columbia and hopefully venture to Alberta as well! What about yourself? Do you have any travel goals or plans for the near future?? I love hearing other people’s travel experiences or aspirations, it’s always inspiring.


      3. To be completely honest with you, I barely travel. I’ve only left the country once in my life. I would love to travel but unfortunately I am broke as a joke right now and I am slowly rebuilding my life. Sorry I am so boring when it comes to travel and those kinds of experiences lol I’m just not your typical dude….? anyways lets talk about you because you seem a lot more interesting than me. so tell me more about yourself ?

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      4. I totally get that, I’ve barely travelled myself and I think thats why I’m so intrigued by it. I am broke as a joke too! You seem much more interesting than you give yourself credit for!


  1. Hi Nicole! Thank yor for conveying your intent on joining Word-High July challenge. 😀 It was nice e-meeting you and I am thrilled to know we are both 24! 😀
    See you and I am looking forward to reading your posts!

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