Let’s Have Coffee

If we were having coffee on this rainy Sunday afternoon, we could curl up on the couch in my tiny 400 square-foot apartment. I don’t have people over very often, as I lack sufficient space for entertaining, but my coffee is most enjoyed at home.

I’d serve your coffee in my second favourite mug, otherwise known as the “love mug”. This mug is adorned with quotes of love by the world’s greatest writers:

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. – Shakespeare.

That love is all there is, is all we know of love. – Emily Dickinson.

Love conquers All. – Virgil.

always have my coffee in my Spice Girls mug, a mug I’ve held close to my heart for almost 10 years.

Why Spice Girls, you may ask? Why a love mug? Let me explain.

As a young girl I loved the Spice Girls. Everything I had was Spice Girls. I had everything from the pencil case with a matching plastic backpack, the Spice Girl barbie doll collection, I even opted for the 5¢ Spice Girl gum that came with either a sticker or, even better, a temporary tattoo. When my friends and I would play “Spice Girls”, I was always Sporty Spice. They were a huge part of my childhood.

When the Girls reunited for their reunion tour I was around 15 years old, and I couldn’t afford a ticket to go. I was pretty devastated at the time, my feelings of nostalgia resurfacing. My great friend Lauren was lucky enough to attend the concert, and when she came to school the next day, she surprised me with the Spice Girls mug. Ten years later, I use this mug religiously. Although Lauren and I are separated by thousands of kilometres now, I remind her via pictures how much I still use this mug. I’m so protective of it, I don’t let anyone else use it. Maybe I’m a little crazy, but it’s one of the most thoughtful and most used gifts I’ve ever been given.

As for the love mug you’re currently sipping your coffee out of, its origin story is one of “one man’s junk is another (wo)man’s treasure.”

The summer before university I had been volunteering at an animal rescue shelter that doubled as a second hand shop in the small town of Lakefield, ON. The proceeds from the sales were used to provide food and care for the cats they rescued. One day as I was sorting through boxes of donated items, I came across the love mug. As a lover of literature and the power of love, I just had to have it. What made it even more special was that it had a previous life before it came into my hands. Someone once enjoyed their coffee from this very mug, and rather than toss it out when it lost its novelty, they donated it to a special cause. When it came into my possession it lacked perfection, the hint of old coffee stains left behind, scratches through the hearts surrounding its base. I embrace its imperfections, and I’m glad it’s one of the few possessions of mine that made it across the country with me.

Screen shot 2016-05-29 at 11.38.12 AM

Do you have a sacred mug? What’s its origin story? I’d love to know. Happy Sunday fellow bloggers. 🙂

Inspired by #weekendcoffeeshare. What would you say if we were having coffee?

Featured image by my talented partner, Thrippie








37 thoughts on “Let’s Have Coffee

  1. I just logged into WP and saw this post in my Reader feed. I’m drinking coffee right now and the mug says Ocean City on it. Origin is that this beach is our fav place for summer outing in Maryland and we get the same hotel each time. Funny that the hosp specialist knows my name now.

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      1. That’s nothing. I can be a little kid if I wanted to because I like putting mini Snickers, KitKat, and M&M bites in my coffee too. My fav coffee to drink at home during the holidays is homemade gingerbread coffee.

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  2. i wish i was closer to have coffee with you, i love the cosiness of your apartment that would make it so perfect for a coffee share. i am honored you serve me in your history-filled mug, to me its the mug that makes the coffee taste heavenly and of course your sweet company i need no sugar at all…..btw I simply love a Timmies!!! so we could sit by the window…look out onto the street and talk about dogs….that would be a perfect day for me…..lovely post Nicole on the coffee share prompt…i love that you are stretching your boundaries

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    1. I’m so glad you joined me today for a coffee. It’s been wonderful expanding creative abilities with these prompts! Timmies is such a staple here, it was one of my first jobs too. I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and got to enjoy a cup (or two) of coffee. ❤

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      1. i have had a pretty good Sunday….ran lots of errands on the saturday so spent most of sunday relaxing…my sons had friends over and they played video games till dinner time so i had no time for a quiet coffee but it was nice to have laughter in the house. hope your Sunday was sweet too.

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      2. It’s so nice to have laughter in the air, even if it’s the laughter of others. I intended on having a productive Saturday, but it rained all day. Today turned out to be beautiful so we have been exploring downtown Vancouver, walking along the water. It’s been a wonderful end to this week.

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      3. i love a city by the water, when i lived in Auckland i loved going down to the viaduct whenever i could and sit in a cafe or just by the sidewalk and look out at the yachts and boats. happy you had a lovely walk by the water! does it rain a lot in Vancouver? we had too much laughter this weekend, school’s out for 2 weeks and i think the fun will continue this whole week!

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      4. Auckland must have been a lovely place to live! How long were you there for? It rains quite a lot here. The winters consist of rain and no snow. I am grateful for the abundance of rain because it keeps the city so green and full of life. However, I much prefer a snowy winter to a rainy one. 2 weeks off school, the kids must be ecstatic! I wish I could have the next 2 weeks off work. One can dream. Enjoy the laughter and family time for the next couple of weeks. 🙂

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      5. Auckland was very different from any city i have and you either love it or hate it. if you like nature and solitude NZ will suit you just fine, so i say my time was bittersweet there, i spent 3 months and i have mixed feelings. lots of rain there too and hailstones mind you! my umbrella was defenseless against it. i would encourage anyone to spend some time in NZ , it really helps you get to know yourself. next 2 weeks are going to fly by as family are here and we are hosting a couple of people on summer vacation and then my best friend from Canada comes!!! She is from Calgary and i cannot wait to see her. so lots happening and i am truly blessed i must remember to be grateful.. for people i have around me (physically) and people like you who are a real balm for my weary soul….talking to you like this heals me so much. hope Monday is kind to you!

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      6. That’s so wonderful that your house will be filled with people! I hope you and your bestie have the greatest time while she visits. I have many mixed feelings about Vancouver as well. I love being surrounded by nature and how it’s incorporated into the city. Unfortunately, it’s so expensive to live here. I won’t be able to own a house of my own here (unless I strike gold), so my time will be short-term. Now that I’m far away from my family I really miss them, and I am excited to be able to move home once my time expires here. For now, it’s a new adventure and I’m embracing it with open arms. Happy Monday to you! 🙂

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      7. an adventure is always good , you will never have a chance to repeat somethings in life so enjoy it while you can, i think all my adventures made me the person i am now, i lived in so many places and never put down roots but the experiences are worth more than owning a huge house or car, just my opinion and take on life, ultimately just be happy with any decision you make. i wish you lots of great moments ahead in your life Nicole and that you will savour each one with enthusiasm and joy.

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  3. Yes! My favourite mug is jersey shore. I love having coffee out of it. It’s about 5 years old and I don’t let anyone use it. Jared brought it back for me from a trip he took to jersey. I shamefully admit I loved that show but more importantly I love the person who have it to me.
    Great post!

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  4. I wasn’t able to log in yesterday and read this. But it’s a cold winter Monday morning here in Australia and my hot coffee is definitely warming me up. Although, I am a relatively new coffee-drinker and I haven’t found MY coffee cup yet. 😦
    Loved your post – you make your home and your company very appealing. 🙂

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  5. I think every little girl loved the Spice Girls in the 90s, right? I too had the tshirts, the pencils cases and the stickers – did you used to make up dance routines with your friends?
    I think I’m clumsier than you, my favourite mugs never seem to last all that long!

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  6. Haha that’s awesome! I love coffee mugs! I would love to have a Spice Girls one! Memories! 🙂 I have so many that I like. I think my favorite one was given to me by my mom. It was hers, but she gave it to me because she knew I would love it. It has a pretty little fox on it (which is our family name). So I don’t have some deep story behind it or anything, but it was so sweet that she would give me her coffee mug just because she knew I would love it. Also, it has a gold rim around the top, and you absolutely cannot put that in the microwave. I learned that the hard way lol.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your mug’s story:) . That’s a beautiful origin story, mothers are the best for that. They will without question hand something down to their children if they know they will like it. My mom has done this for me as well. I hope your mug survived the microwave!:(

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  7. Yes it’s amazing to enjoy coffee in rain, oh you’ve a cool mug. I have a mug too but it’s 5 years, it’s my favourite because my picture is printed over it and my sister gifted me that mug.. I thought my mug is too old but yours is older than mine:D

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  8. As I sit here drinking my coffee, a beautiful filter roast Peruvian single origin, a gentle smile comes to my face as I read your article. My children always ask me why I drink my coffee every morning from same cup. The reason is simple, even time I look at this cup it transports me back to a moment in time where I learned so much about myself and the direction I wanted to take. 2012, while spending a week in Portland (USA) I acquired this cup and it has been used at home (Australia) nearly every day since. Coffee is for time to reflect, time to enjoy conversation, remember the past and create the future. Thanks for your article!

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    1. I should be thanking you for sharing your mug’s story! It’s funny the things that develop such importance in our lives, the things we don’t even realize. When I imagine my favourite possessions, my mug makes the top 5 easily. It’s lovely when an item can transport you to a defining time in your life. Australia must be just lovely, I’ve never been but it’s on my bucket list 🙂


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